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Hymns To God™

Public Domain Hymns - C

Can You Count The Stars?
Lyrics: Hey, Johann / Music: German Folk Tune
Can You Stand For God
Lyrics: Hastings, H. L. / Music: Davis, F. M.
Carry It All To Jesus
Lyrics: Zelley / Music: McPhail
Christ Receiveth Sinful Men
Lyrics: Neumeister, Erdmann / Music: MacGranahan, James
Christ The Light
Lyrics: Pierson / Music: Towner
City Of Gold
Lyrics: Crosby / Music: Doane
City Of Gold, The
Lyrics: Davis / Music: Davis
Cleanse Thou Me
Lyrics: Crosby, Fanny J. / Music: Davis, Frank M.
Cleansing Fountain, The
Lyrics: Dykes, R. A. / Music: Sankey, I. D.
Cleft Of The Rock, The
Lyrics: Good / Music: Good
Cleft For Me
Lyrics: Crosby / Music: O'Kane
Cling To Jesus Alone
Lyrics: Bills / Music: McPhail
Close To Thee
Lyrics: Crosby / Music: Vail
Closer Draw Me
Lyrics: Ulmer / Music: Gabriel
Closer To Jesus
Lyrics: McDaniel, R. H. / Music: Gabriel, C. H.
Closer To Thee Blessed Saviour
Lyrics: Kurzenknabe. J. H. / Music: Chambers
Come, And Sin No More
Lyrics: Tullar, G. C. / Arranager: Tullar, G. C.
Come And Walk With Jesus
Lyrics: Frisbie / Arranager: Bilhorn
Come, Come To Jesus
Lyrics: Peck / Music: Main
Come In Thy Love To Me
Lyrics: Reed / Music: Fithian
Come Just As You Are
Lyrics: Hoffman / Music: Showalter
Come, Prodigal, Come
Lyrics: Ogden / Music: Ogden
Come, Sound His Praise Abroad
Lyrics: Watts / Music: Smith
Come To Christ To-Day
Lyrics: Bennett / Music: Bennett
Come To The Cross
Lyrics: Martin, J. H. / Music: Lorenz
Come To The Living Waters
Lyrics: Alleman / Music: Alleman
Come Unto Me
Lyrics: Ashbach / Music: Kurzenknabe, H. J.
Committed To Jesus- Arranged
Lyrics: Johnson / Music: Bryant
Count Thy Mercies
Lyrics: Hoffman / Music: Hoffman
Cross, The
Lyrics: DeVenter, J. W. Van / Music: DeVenter, J. W. Van
Cross And The Bible, The
Lyrics: Day / Music: Kirkpatrick, W. J.
Cut It Down
Lyrics: P. P. Bliss / Music: P. P. Bliss