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Hymns To God™

Come Unto Me

Lyrics: Ashbach, Lizzie
Music: Kurzenknabe, Harry J.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Come Unto Me

by Lizzie Ashbach

Come unto me, the savior said,
And be forever blest;
Come, all ye weary ones come near,
And I will give you rest.

Take up my yoke, it shal be light,
I'll bear a part for thee;
Come, follow in the steps I tread,
And meekly learn of me.

For I, the high and holy One,
Was meek and lowly too:
With rev'rence come and learn of me,
My precepts keep in view.

All my commands obey, and thou
Shalt be my honored guest;
Pardon and peace shall here be thine,
And there eternal rest.


Come unto me, ye weary, come,
And I will give you rest;
Come take my yoke and learn of me,
And be forever blest.