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Hymns To God™

The City Of Gold

Lyrics: Davis, Frank M.
Music: Davis, Frank M.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

The City Of Gold

by Frank M. Davis

There's a city whose walls are of jasper,
And whose streets are inlaid with pure gold,
Where the saints and the blest of all ages,
Are rejoicing 'mid pleasures untold.

Thro' this city there floweth a river,
From the fountain of life by the throne,
On its banks the redeemed ones shall gather,
Blessed ones called by Jesus His own.

There the King in His glory and beauty,
Is the light of this city so fair,
And His smile drives away every sorrow,
Every strife, every cumbering care.


Will this city be mine with its pleasures,
Will its splendor ever my eyes behold?
Yes I know if my trust is in Jesus,
I shall dwell in this city of gold.