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Hymns To God™

Closer Draw Me

Lyrics: Ulmer, Kate
Music: Gabriel, Charles H.
Music Score: PDF
Projection Score:
Sound File: Midi
MUP File: Hymn Page
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Closer Draw Me

by Kate Ulmer

Closer Lord, Oh, closer draw me,
To thy precious, bleeding side;
When temptations hover o'er me,
Let me ever in the hide;
Futile is my best endeaver
To withstand the tempter's pow'r,
Human strength can conquer never;
Thou must save in ev'ry hour.

When my doubts are spread before me,
And my heart grows faint with fear,
Closer, Lord, still closer draw me,
Let me feel thy presence near;
Thus, oh Savior, keep me ever
Bound to thee with cords of love;
Stray from thee, oh, let me never,
Bring mesafe to thee above.

Safe with thee! oh, tho't of sweetness,
Safe with thee in heav'n above;
There to know the full completeness
Of thine everlasting love.
There to taste my full salvation;
There from all temptations free;
Bowing low in adoration,
Closer still my pray'r shall be.


Closer, draw me closer,
Closer to thy bleeding side;
Safely kept in thy pavilion,
Lord, I ever would abide.