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Hymns To God™

The Kingdom Of Song

Lyrics: Beery, Adaline H.
Music: Bowdish, T. M.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

The Kingdom Of Song

by Adaline H. Beery

Come, gather, all tribes and all nations,
To worship Jehovah our King;
O, enter His presence with gladness,
Your tribute of gratitude bring.

O, sing of His power and glory,
Great Ruler whose throne is the sky,
Who giveth to men of His bounty
In showers of grace from on high.

O, sing of the wondrous redemption,
The purchase of life for us all;
O, give Him your song and your service
For blessings that momently fall.


Give praises to God for His mercy!
To Him all our voices belong;
Come, offer your strain of thanksgiving,
And dwell in the kingdom of song.