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Hymns To God™

I Will Tell Jesus

Lyrics: Bowdish, Thomas Miles
Music: Bowdish, Thomas Miles
Music Score: 6x9 Letter Landscape
Projection Score: PDF PPTX KEY
Sound File: MP3 Midi
MUP File: 6x9 Letter Projection
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

I Will Tell Of Jesus

by Thomas Miles Bowdish

I will tell Jesus all of my sorrow,
I will intrust my all to his care;
Heavily laden, footsore and weary,
He will my burdens willingly bear.

I will tell Jesus when in temptation,
He will abide so sweetly within,
Trusting his promise, trusting him fully,
Jesus will save and keep me from sin.

Doubtings and fears my soul overshadows,
Comfort and peace he gives in his word;
I can rely on him to deliver,
Oh what a friend is Jesus, my Lord.

Sinful and weak, I have a dear Saviour,
One who in mercy hears when I call;
He will be near to bless and to cheer me,
Jesus my Saviout, Jesus my all.


I will tell Jesus, I will tell Jesus,
He is a Friend in time of distress;
I will tell Jesus, I will tell Jesus,
Jesus will comfort, Jesus will bless.