NameCheap Hosting

For the last few years I have had my hymn website hosted on the servers. My experience with them has been faultless with hosting the site, uptime, and no problems whatsoever. I highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to host a WordPress site and have the funds to do so.

In my case, I started to look hard at hosting my personal website that provides free hymns (in page format and overhead projection) to everyone in the world. I enjoy doing it and consider it my altruistic service to all. However all things come with a price and I refuse to ask for compensation so that others can worship God in song.

My website was soon to be renewed this year and I began to frown at the cost. I had moved our congregation's website to NameCheap last year and was pleasantly surprised. Low cost, great uptime and no problems. So they were a good choice.

Last week they had sent me an email with start of the year deals the I just could not pass up. The real selling point is that the renewal costs were less than half of what I was paying my previous hosting service.

Making the move was easy. I had unlocked my domain so I could move it, then requested a transfer authorization number from my hosting service. It took them five days to email it to me.

In the mean time I created an account at NameCheap and started a chat session. They were quick and efficient. I gave them a few details, bought a hosting plan, gave them permission to move the site and they moved the whole site by the end of the day. Everything was there, the email accounts and blog. Afterwards they sent me login details for the website and ftp account.

Once I got the domain name transfer request number from Bluehost, I logged into my NameCheap account, and updated the domain information and processed the transfer.

All I can say is, it was as easy as it could be. I could not thank them enough for all their work. If you are looking for low cost web hosting consider NameCheap. It doesn't sound like a professional name, but I can say their services are!