DIY Filters For Reusable K-Cups

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If you are like me, you hate to pay the price for those Keurig type coffee pods. And those reusable coffee pods just let to much sediment through. Frustrating isn't it? Well I was shopping at Walmart [...] Read more

FreeFile Sync

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I have been using using FTP programs over the years to maintain my websites. They were fast and efficient nd met my needs very well. At one time I had a set of RSync scripts that I ran. Those have [...] Read more

The LibreOffice Highlighting Culprit!

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Well it took me a week, but think I found the culprit the was giving me so much trouble wit LibreOffice. It had something to do with Skia software rendering in the setup preferences.. After I set the [...] Read more

Goodbye LibreOffice

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For years I had been using LibreOffice Writer and Calc on my MacBook without too many problems. Mainly it was for small projects. However, I was putting together a series of notes on 2 Samuel and had [...] Read more

NameCheap Hosting

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For the last few years I have had my hymn website hosted on the servers. My experience with them has been faultless with hosting the site, uptime, and no problems whatsoever. I highly [...] Read more