Goodbye LibreOffice

For years I had been using LibreOffice Writer and Calc on my MacBook without too many problems. Mainly it was for small projects. However, I was putting together a series of notes on 2 Samuel and had a Writer document with about 40 pages of outlines when I began to have problems.

The first thing I noticed was that when I clicked my mouse to set the pointer to a line, the document would jump and it would be placed three or four lines below where I wanted it. The next thing that began to happen was the document on the screen would become distorted in the area that I wanted to edit. Then lastly, I couldn't highlight a section of text properly. When I jiggled the window, it straightened up. And that was not acceptable

After several hours of troubleshooting, deleting LibreOffice and reinstalling, I finally gave up. It was time to look for something else to use. I had searched the App Store and downloaded NeoOffice and loaded my document into it and it worked perfectly! Only problem was, NeoOffice had been discontinued by the developers and would soon go the way of the world. Nonetheless it gave me hope!

The next thing I did was download OpenOffice (which was recently updated) and again my document loaded correctly and performed without any problems. I was one happy camper! I had began to think that I was going to have to spend quite a bit of time (and expense) to find a word processor that would do what I needed, where LibreOffice failed me, OpenOffice shined through!

I had read on the internet where LibreOffice is praised for its fast development, issues updates and overall all, more accepted than OpenOffice. The way I see things, I don't need endless updates, I just need performance.

So, goodby LibreOffice. You served me well. I hope one day this issue is addressed and corrected. Until then, I have come to appreciate OpenOffice. The old fable of the Tortus and Hare one again proves itself to be true!