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Lowry, Robert

Lowry, Robert

1826 - 1899

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Robert Lowry

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Bright Jewels
For The Sunday School by Lowry, Robert, 1826-1899; Sherwin, William F. (William Fisk), 1826-1888; Allen, Chester G., 1838-1878; Bradbury, William B. (William Batchelder), 1816-1868. Published: 1869

Hymn Index

All The Way My Savior Leads Me
Lyrics: Crosby, Fanny J. / Music: Lowry, R.
At The Door
Lyrics: Bailey / Music: Lowry, R.
Bless Me Now
Lyrics: Clark, A. / Music: Lowry, R.
Ever Near - Lowry
Lyrics: Hastings / Music: Lowry, R.
I Need Thee Every Hour
Lyrics: Hawks / Music: Lowry, R.
How Can I Keep From Singing?
Lyrics: Hartley, H. J. / Music: Lowry, R.
Land Of Light
Lyrics: Stevenson / Music: Lowry, R.
Lord I Bow At Thy Throne
Lyrics: Stevenson / Music: Lowry, R.
Peace At The Cross
Lyrics: Lyon / Music: Lowry, R.
Peace In Jesus
Lyrics: Kenyon, A. / Music : Lowry, R.
So Near To The Kingdom
Lyrics: Crosby / Music: Lowry, R.
We're Marching To Zion
Lyrics: Watts, Isaac / Music: Lowry, Robert