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Hymns To God™

Ever Near

Lyrics: Hastings, Ellen M.
Music: Lowry, Robert
Music Score: PDF
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Sound File: Midi
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Ever Near

by Ellen M. Hastings

Ever near my Saviour's side
Would I linger night and day;
He alone shall be my guide
Thro' life's rough and thorny way.

Tho' the night be dark and drear,
And no ray of light I see,
I'll press on if He is near
To uphold and comfort me.

When the cheerful light of day
Raises hope and makes me strong,
Still I would beside Him stay,
Lift to Him my thankful song.

Shades of death I will not fear,
Jesus lights the way,
And I know He will be near
Till I reach the perfect day.


Ever near, ever near,
Dearest Saviour, ever near,
Thou art now the Living Way,
Near Thee ever let me stay.