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Hymns To God™

Lord I Bow At Thy Throne

Lyrics: Stevenson, William
Music: Lowry, Robert
Music Score: PDF
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Sound File: Midi
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Lord I Bow At Thy Throne

by William Stevenson

Lord I bow at Thy throne,
My unworthiness to own,
To Thy cross and Thy promise I cling;
O how bless'ed the tho't,
Thou my pardon hast bought,
And no money or piece need I bring.

If my sins I confess,
Thou wilt hearken and bless,
For thy mercy is boundless and free;
All Thy goodness may share,
None need ever despair,
But rejoice Thy salvation to see.

Lord, my guilt I lament,
And in sorrow repent;
Red like crimson my sins are, I know;
Naught can save but Thy blood;
Cleanse me now in that flood,
And my sould shall be whiter than snow.