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Hymns To God™

Will Our Work Be Done?

Lyrics: Chisholm, T. O.
Music: Beazley, Samuel W.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Will Our Work Be Done?

by Thomas O. Chisholm

When the last hour comes,
In our life's brief day,
When we hear a Voice
Call our souls away,
Will the Master find
That the task assigned
To us each have been finished -
Will our work be done?

There's a work for me,
There's a work for you,
'Tis a work that none
But ourselves can do;
Let us work with might,
Lest the coming night
Should, perchance, overtake us
With our work not done?

What a bright reward
Will be ours at last,
When the earthlife ended
And labor past,
With the millions blest
We shall enter rest,
And the joy of the Lord,
When all our work is done!


O the lives in need!
O the hearts that bear
Loads that crush them down,
Ment for us to share!
O the souls to win,
In the wastes of sin! -
When the reapers come singing
Will our work be done?