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Beazely, Samuel W.

Beazely, Samuel W.

1873 - 1944

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Samuel W. Beazley

Hymnals Edited

Victory Songs
Author: Samuel W. Beazley , James Hott Ruebush; Publisher: Ruebush-Kieffer; Date: 1910.
Revival Gems
A Small Book With A Big Mission: Author: Beazley, Samuel W.; Publisher: Philadelphia : Judson Press; Date 1921
Glorious Theme
A superior all-purpose compilation of sacred songs. Author: Ruebush, W. H. (William Howe), 1873-1957; Ruebush, J. H. (James Hott), 1865-1948; Beazley, Samuel W., b. 1873; Shirley, G. L; Taylor, Curtis; Harrison, Alph; Publisher: Dayton, Va. : The Ruebush-Kieffer Co.; Date: 1927.

Hymn Index

Just When I Need Him
Lyrics: Hadley, Florence Jones / Music: Beesley, Samuel W.
Will Our Work Be Done?
Lyrics: Chisholm, Thomas O. / Music: Beazley, Samuel O.