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Hymns To God™

Wonderful Hands Of Jesus

Lyrics: F. G. B.
Music: Murray, James R.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Wonderful Hands Of Jesus

by F. G. B.

O wonderful, wonderful hands,
So pure, and white, and clean;
Tho’ midst the vilest haunts of men
Thos sacred hands were seen.
Upon the head of childhood sweet
They left a fond caress;
The cup of blessings, running o’er,
To aged lips would press.

So matchless was their grace,
They laid a crown and scepter down
To lift our fallen race.
They touched the poor accursed ones,
And made the lepers whole;
They sent new life thro’ palsied limbs,
And cleansed the guilty soul.

These wonderful, wonderful hands,
Thy guard our rugged way;
They turn the darkest hours of night
Into the brightest day.
They heal the mourner’s broken heart,
They raise each drooping head,
And even from their silent sleep
Awake the precious dead.

O wonderful, wonderful hands,
Nail-pierced on Calvary!
Yet, while the blood drops trickled down,
They pled for you and me;
O wounded hands, thy deeds of love
For us shall never cease;
Uplifted still their blessings fall
And fill our hearts with peace.


Wonderful hands, wonderful hands
Of Christ our Righteousness,
Wonderful hands, wonderful hands
Still reaching out to bless.