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Hymns To God™

What A Saviour!

Lyrics: Homer, Charlotte G.
Music: Gabriel, Charles H.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

What A Saviour!

by Charlotte G. Homer

What a Saviour Jesus is!
He is mine, and I am His;
He the price of sin has paid,
And for me atonement made.

What a Saviour! praise His name,
That to earth for me He came;
Not the least, but all He gave,
My immortal soul to save.

What a Saviour! all the way
Walking with me, day by day,
Guiding by His holy will,
Guarding me from ev'ry ill.

What a Saviour! and I know
When to that bright world I go,
Saved by His redeeming grace,
I shall see Him face to face.

What a Saviour! how He loves,
Ev'ry hour His mercy proves;
Listen for He speaks to thee;
"Take thy cross, and follow me."


What a Saviour, what a Saviour,
What a Saviour Jesus is!
I will praise Him, ever praise Him,
He is mine and I am His!