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Hymns To God™

Treasures Of Heaven

Lyrics: O'Kane, T. C.
Music: O'Kane, T. C.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Treasures Of Heaven

by Tullius Clinton O'Kane

There's a crown in heaven for the striving soul,
Which the blessed Jesus himself will place
On the head of each who shall faithful prove,
Even unto death in the heavenly race.

There's a rest in heaven for the weary soul,—
'Tis for all by care and by sin oppressed;
To the sons of God it remaineth sure,
And the prophet say 'tis a "glorious rest."

There's a joy in heaven for the mourning soul,
Though the tears may fall all the earthly night;
Yet the clouds of sadness will break away,
And rejoicing come with the morning light,

There's a peace in heaven for the troubled soul,
Where the wicked shall from their troubling cease,
And to all the saints like a river flow,
Through the endless ages the stream of peace.

There's a home in heaven for the faithful soul,
In the many mansions prepared above,
Where the glorified shall forever sing,
Of a Saviour's free and unbounded love.


Oh may that crown in heaven be mine,
And I among the angels shine;
Be Thou, O Lord! my daily guide,
Let me ever in thy love abide.