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Hymns To God™

There's A Beautiful Home

Lyrics: Parthemore, L. H.
Music: Parthemore, L. H.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

There's A Beautiful Home

by L. H. Parthemore

There's a beautiful home in the kingdom above
Where sorrow and sin never come.
And our Saviour invites us to taste of His love,
And dwell in that beautiful home.

O, Thou precious Redeemer, so teach us today,
The ways of the tempter to flee,
To be watchful and faithful and trust Thee alway,
That this beautiful home we may see.

How we long to be there in that heavenly home,
How we long with the ransomed to sing;
Pow'r and blessing and honor, thankgiving and praise,
To Jesus, our Saviour and King.


Beautiful home, heavenly home,
Beautiful home of the pure and the blest:
There to dwell evermore with the saved gone before,
In the mansions of heavenly rest.