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Hymns To God™

The Sure Foundation

Lyrics: McCutcheon, Luella
Music: Chamberlin, C. L.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

The Sure Foundation

by Luella McCutcheon

Each one in life is building
A temple of his own
Seek then the sure foundation,
Choose well the cornerstone.
Trust not in fame or riches,
Not on good works rely
Men's best acts are imperfect
In God's unerring eye.

Earth's mightiest works shall perish,
Shall crumble and decay
The piles of brick and granite
The years shall sweep away
But souls live on forever;
In joy or misery;
And character is destined
To last eternally.

There hath been laid in Zion
A sure foundation stone
Build then your hopes upon it,
On Christ, and Him alone
When to the final judgement
We come at God's command,
Safe on the Rock each temple
All glorified shall stand.


Build on the Rock of Ages
Build on the shifting sand,
So when the tempest rages
Safely thy work shall stand.