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Hymns To God™

Tenderly Calling

Lyrics: Crosby, Fanny
Music: Sankey, Ira D.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Tenderly Calling

by Fanny J. Crosby

Turn thee, O lost one, care-worn and weary,
Lo! the good Shepherd is calling to day;
Seeking to save thee, waiting to cleanse thee,
Haste to receive Him, no longer delay

Still He is waiting, why wilt thou perish,
Tho' thou has wandered so far from the fold?
Yet, with His life-blood, He has redeemed thee,
Wondrous compassion that cannot be told!

List to His message, think of His mercy!
Sinless yet bearing thy sins on the tree;
Perfect remission, life everlasting,
Thro' His atonement He offers to thee.

Come in the old way come in the true way,
Enter thro' Jesus for He is the Door;
He is the Shepherd, tenderly calling,
Come in thy weakness and wander no more.


Tenderly calling, patiently calling,
Hear the good Shepherd calling to thee;
Tenderly calling, patiently calling,
Lovingly saying "Come unto Me!"