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Hymns To God™

Sweet Communion

Lyrics: Wray, Eva M.
Music: Robinson, Zella M.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Sweet Communion

by Eva M. Wray

How sweet to kneel in secret prayer
At Fath'er's feet so dear,
And open all our hearts to Him,
He lends a list'ning ear;
'Tis here we tell our sorrows o'er,
He's full of sympathy;
The trialsand distresses sore
That trouble you and me.

How sweet to hear the cheering words,
"Come close, my child to Me;
For in the hollow of My hand,
I'll ever comfort thee";
How sweet to hold communion blest,
And meet Him face to face;
'Tis here to overcome the foe
We find abundant grace.

'Tis here we gain the strength to do
All His commands require,
And precious hidden manna find,
Yea, all our souls desire;
The things we do not understand
We leave with Him who knows;
He gives us balm for every wound,
And for our fears repose.

Oh, blessed place of secret prayer,
Within thy courts is rest;
O Father, while I humbly kneel,
Let this poor heart be blest;
Without Thy mercy I'm undone,
In pity help Thou me;
Without Thy smile no joy is known,
Oh, let me hide in Thee.