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Hymns To God™

No Night In Heaven

Lyrics: Gabriel, Charles H.
Music: Davis, Frank M.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

No Night In Heaven

by Charles H. Gabriel

There is no night in heaven above,
No grief, no toil, no pain;
And blood washed souls who reach that land,
Shall never sigh again.

There storms of sorrow never come,
They all have passed away;
The Savior's there, that is His home,
He wipes all tears away.

There we may meet those gone before,
And blood washed garments wear;
With Jesus dwell forever more,
And shone forever there.


No night in that land where the angels stay,
No sorrow or sighing can darken the day.
There is my home, there is my home;
There with my Savior forever,
There is my home, there is my home.