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Hymns To God™

More Like Jesus

Lyrics: Stillman, Jarius Maxson
Music: Stillman, Jarius Maxson
Music Score: 6x9 Letter
Projection Score: PDF PPTX KEY
Sound File: MP3 Midi
MUP File: 6x9 Letter Projection
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

More Like Jesus

by Jarius Maxson Stillman

I want to be more like Jesus,
And follow Him day by day;
I want to be true and faithful,
And ev'ry command obey.

I want to be kind and gentle,
To those who are in distress;
To comfort the brokenhearted,
With sweet words of tenderness.

I want to be meek and lowly,
Like Jesus, our Friend and King;
I want to be strong and earnest,
And souls to the Savior bring.

I want to be pure and holy,
As pure as the crystal snow;
I want to love Jesus dearly,
For Jesus loves me, I know.


More and more like Jesus,
I would ever be;
More and more like Jesus,
My Savior who died for me.