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Hymns To God™

Land Of The Blessed

Lyrics: Miller, Emily Huntington
Music: O'Kane, T. C.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Land Of The Blessed

by Emily Huntington Miller

Oh! Land of the blessed, thy shadowless skies
Sometimes in my dreaming I see:
I hear the glad songs that the glorified sing
Steal over eternity's sea.
Tho' dark are the shadows that gather between;
I know that thy morning is fair;
I catch a glimpse of thy glory and light,
And whisper: would God I were there!

Oh! Land of the blessed, thy hills of delight
Sometimes on my vision unfoold;
Thy mansions celestial, thy palaces bright,
Thy bulwarks of jasper and gold.
Dear voices are chanting thy chorus of praise,
Dear eyes in thy sunlight are fair;
I look from my valley of shadow below,
And whisper: would God I were there!

Dear home of my Father, fair city, whose peace
No shadow of changing can mar!
How glad are the souls that have tasted thy joy,
How blest thine inhabitants are!
When weary with toiling, I think of the day-
Who knows if its dawning be near?
When he who hath loved me shall call me away
From all that hath burdened me here.


Oh! Saviour, prepare
My spirit to share
For ever with thee
Those mansions fair.