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Hymns To God™

Jesus Knocks At Thy Heart

Lyrics: Showalter, Anthony J.
Music: Showalter, Anthony J.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Jesus, I Come To Thee

by A. J. Showalter

Lo! Jesus patiently knocks at the door,
Knocks at thy heart, knocks at thy heart,
Open today and resist Him no more,
Lest He forever depart.

Open the door and say, "Master, come in,
Come and abide, come and abide;"
He will redeem thee and cleanse from all sin,
He will be with thee to guide.

Jesus stands waiting and pleads with thee still
Open today! open today!
How canst thou treat the dear Saviour so ill?
How canst thou turn Him away?

Open the door of thy heart and find rest,
Find it today, find it today;
Let Him but enter and thou shalt be blest;
Why wilt thy longer delay?


Knocking today,
Knocking today,
Jesus is knocking,
Is knocking for entrance today.