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Hymns To God™

I Know He Is Mine

Lyrics: Bilhorn, P. P.
Music: Bilhorn, P. P.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

I Know He Is Mine

by P. P. Bilhorn

My heart was not right in my dear Savior's sight,
I knew not the peace all sublime;
I came to His side,
And His blood was applied,
Hallelujah, I know He us mine!

My soul was distrest, with its sorrow oppressed,
Till Jesus my Savior I found,
But now He's my theme,
While His word keeps me clean,
Hallelujah, His grace doth abound!

I walk in the light of His presence so bright,
His love makes my heaven below;
I'll sing of His grace
Till I see his dear face
With the dear ones washed whiter than snow.

And there evermore I'll my Savior adore,
give praise to His power divine,
I'll fall at His feet
And the story repeat,
Hallelujah, I know He is mine!


I know He is mine,
Yes I know He is mine
I'll doubt him no longer,
I know He is mine.