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Hymns To God™

Hold Thou My Hand

Lyrics: Crosby, Fanny J.
Music: Main, Hubert P.
Music Score: 6x9 Letter
Projection Score: PDF PPTX KEY
Sound File: MP3 Midi
MUP File: 6x9 Letter Projection
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Hold Thou My Hand

by Fanny J. Crosby

Hold thou my hand! so weak I am, and helpless,
I dare not take one step without thy aid;
Hold thou my hand! for then, O loving Saviour,
No dread of ill shall make my soul afraid.

Hold thou my hand! and closer, closer draw me
To thy dear self, my hope, my joy, my all;
Hold thou my hand, lest haply I should wander,
And, missing thee, my trembling feet should fall.

Hold thou my hand! the way is dark before me
Without the sunlight of thy face divine;
But when by faith I catch its radiant glory,
What heights of joy, what rapturous songs are mine.

Hold thou my hand! that when I reach the margin
Of that lone river thou didst cross for me,
A heavenly light may flash across its waters,
And every wave like crystal bright shall be.