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Hymns To God™


Lyrics: Anonymous
Music: O'Kane, T. C.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA


by Anonymous

What glory is thine, O thou City of God;
O Zion, bright land of our dreams,
What beauty hangs over thy flowery sod,
Thy walls and thy silver winged streams!

We know thou hast never a beam of our sun,
The moon nor the stars of our night;
With grandeur eternal thy arches are hung,
The smile of the Lord is thy light!

We dream of thy peace that shall never be strife,
The day that shall never be o'er;
The lilies so white in the River of Life,
The roses so sweet on the Shore!

We see the white robes in the streets of pure gold,
The flash of white wings in the air;
The star of thy morning that never grows old,
The smile of the loved that are there!


To thee we will journey, O City of God,
To rest on thy revergreen shore,
When Mortality's pathways of duty are trod,
With Jesus to live evermore.