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Hymns To God™

Hear The Sweet Voice Of Jesus Say

Lyrics: Gabriel, Charles H.
Music: Gabriel, Charles H.
Music Score: 6x9 Letter
Projection Score: PDF PPTX KEY
Sound File: MP3 Midi
MUP File: 6x9 Letter Projection
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Hear The Sweet Voice Of Jesus Say

by Charles H. Gabriel

Hear the sweet voice of Jesus say,
“Come unto me, I am the way!”
Hearken, the loving call obey;
Come, for He loves you so.

Only thy will to say, “I’ll go;
Down at His feet my sins I’ll throw;
Leaving the world of sin and woe,
Jesus, I come to Thee.”

Casting your heavy burden down
Low at the cross, the world may frown;
Yet you shall wear a glorious crown,
When He makes up His own.

Open for you the pearly gate;
Lov’d ones for you now watch and wait.
Terrible thought! to cry too late,
“Jesus, I come to Thee.”


Only a step, only a step;
Come, for He bled for you and died;
He’s the same loving Saviour yet,
Jesus the Crucified.