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Hymns To God™

Ever Will I Pray

Lyrics: Cummings, A.
Music: Tenney, J. H.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Ever Will I Pray

by A. Cummings

Father in the morning
Unto thee I pray,
Let thy loving kindness
Keep me thro' this day.

At the busy noontide,
Press'd with work and care,
Then I'll wait with Jesus
Till he hear my pray'r.

When the evening shadows
Chase a way the light,
Father then I'll pray thee,
Bless thy child tonight.

Thus in life's glad morning,
In its bright noonday,
In the shadowy evening,
Ever will I pray.


I will pray,
I will pray,
Ever will I pray,
Morning, noon and evening
Unto thee I'll pray.