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Hymns To God™

Blessed Rock

Lyrics: Crosby, Fanny
Music: Main, Hubert P.
Music Score: PDF
Projection Score:
Sound File: Midi
MUP File: Hymn Page
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Blessed Rock

by Fanny Crosby

'Mid the wild and fearful blast,
I have reached the Rock at last;
Helpless, weak and sore dismayed,
To the cross I'll cling for aid.

Wrecked by sin, by tempest tossed,
Compass, chart and anchor lost;
He whose power alone can save,
Lulls the wind and stills the wave.

Rock, that hides my trembling soul
From the storms that darkly roll;
While beneath the surges dash,
Thunders roar, and lightnings flash.

When beyond the vale of night
I shall soar to realms of light;
When mine eyes behold the King,
Heart and soul and tongue shall sing.


Blessed "Rock," whose love divine,
Fills with joy this heart of mine;
Cross of Him who died for me,
Evermore I'll cling to Thee.