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Hymns To God™

A Land Of Beauty

Lyrics: Hoffman, Elisha A.
Music: Tidwell, W. S.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

A Land Of Beauty (arr.)

by Elisha A. Hoffman

There's a land of fadeless beauty,
Where the saved I have loved have gone,
Where we all shall live forever,
We shall know as we are known.

There's a land of changeless glory,
Where my Saviour has His throne,
Where in all the future ages,
I will make his goodness known.

There's a land of cloudless splendor,
Where is heard no moan or sigh,
Joy and gladness dwell forever
In God's palaces on high.

There's a land we call it heaven,
Where the weary find sweet rest,
Where I'll spend the years eternal,
With the purified and blest.


Land of light and land of beauty,
How I long thy courts to see,
By and by I'll cross thy portals,
Ever more at home to be.