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Hymns To God™

A Joy In My Heart

Lyrics: Purvis, Katharine E.
Music: Black, James M.
Music Score: PDF Letter Lnandscape
Projection Score: PDF PPTX KEY
Sound File: MP3 Midi
MUP File: 6x9 Letter Projection
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

A Joy In My Heart

by Katharine Purvis

There's a joy in my heart that shall ever abide
'Tis a joy to the world that unknown;
For in undying love Jesus came seeking me,
And he bro't me again to His own.

I am walking with Jesus in fellowship sweet,
And His glory sweeps over my soul;
All my burdens and sorrows I lay at His feet,
And my spirit is ev'ry whit whole.

Sin can harm me no more, for my Saviour and Guide
Is so near me I never can stray;
In His care and protection I safely abide,
And His love shelters me ev'ry day.


O the sweet and precious joy he gives,
As I walk by His side day by day,
In my heart the blessed Saviour lives,
And His love brightens all the way.