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Hymns To God™

Will You Go?

Lyrics: Yateman, C. H.
Music: Geistweit, W. H.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Will You Go?

by C H. Yateman

My brother, we are trav’ling to the palace of the King,
We are going to Mount Zion, where forever we shall sing;
There no sin or pain or sighing can disturb our peaceful rest,
For we dwell among the angels, and can lean on Jesus’ breast.

My sister, Christ is calling thee to journey toward that home,
Where the weary, heavy laden find sweet rest, no more to roam;
Canst thou not forsake the evil, and the Spirit’s call obey?
Christ will guide thee to that city, if you seek the narrow way.

My hearer, in thy journey whither wilt thou come at last?
To the throne of God in Heaven, or where hope is ever past?
Hear the word that Jesus sends thee—Come to Me and rest receive;
I will pardon, cleanse and comfort, if you only wilt believe.


Will you go? Will you go?
Go to that land of pure delight?
Go where the saints are clothed in white?
Go where the saved shall find no night,
But endless day?