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Hymns To God™

We Need Never Fear

Lyrics: Kurzenknabe, John H.
Music: Straub, W. A.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

We Need Never Fear

by W. A. Straub

While out on the voyage of life's stormy sea,
Our refuge and shelter in Jesus shall be;
He stills the loud tempest and calms the wild roar,
And pilots His people in safety o'er.

Though often we weary of toil all the day,
Then watch and keep waiting thro' noght's long delay,
The bright dawn of morning to all our brave crew
Brings nearer and nearer the harbor view.

And then when our sighing and weeping is done,
Our vessel is anchord and heaven is won,
Our glad halelujahs for ever shall ring
In honor and glory to Jesus our King.


We never need fear the tempest and wave,
For Jesus is near and ready to save;
Through breakers may roar 'midst the darkness and gloom,
He takes us safe o'er to the heavenly home.