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Hymns To God™

We Are Going

Lyrics: Foster, John O.
Music: Sweney, John R.
Music Score: PDF
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Sound File: Midi
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

We Are Going

by John O. Foster

We are going, we are going,
Far beyond the setting sun:
To a kingdom that is growing
From the nations it has won;
For the honor-covered sages
Who have passed the vale of tears,
Have been gathering for ages
Where the throne of God appears.

We are going where the fountains
Of the healing waters flow,
Where the valleys and the mountains
Bathed in sunlight ever glow;
Where the crystal streams are flowing
In their bright and silvery sheen,
And the tree of life is growing
On the banks of living green.

We are going where the holy
Enter joys they cannot tell,
Where the meek and blessed lowly
With the pure in spirit dwell;
Where no hungry hearts are aching
For the bread of life to share,
But forever are partaking
Of the fullness over there.


We are going, we are going
Where the weary work is o’er,
Where the morning light is glowing
On the blessed, sunny shore.