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Hymns To God™

Walk In The Light

Lyrics: Christy, Wilbur A.
Music: Christy, Wilbur A.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Walk In The Light

by Wilbur A. Christy

List to the voice that is speaking in love,
Calling to those that are straying;
Message of mercy that comes from above,
Hear what the Savior is saying.

Walk in the light; it is Jesus who pleads,
Earnestly seeking to guide you,
Wandering blindly in night's gloom and shades,
Heedless of dangers beside you.

Walk in the light; 'tis the Savior's command,
These are the words he has given,
Leading us on to the long promised land,
Leading from earth up to heav-en.


Walk in the light,
Follow the steps of the Savior;
Walk in the light,
Walk in the light forever.