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Hymns To God™

Trustingly, Trustingly

Lyrics: Bonar, Horatio
Music: Mason, William L.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Trustingly, Trustingly

by Horatio Bonar

Trustingly, trustingly,
Jesus, to Thee
Come I; Lord, lovingly
Come Thou to me;
Then I shall lovingly,
Then I shall joyfully,
Walk here with Thee.

Peacefully, peacefully,
Walk I with Thee:
Jesus, my Lord, Thou art
All, all to me;
Peace Thou hast left to us,
Thy peace hast given us,
So let it be.

Whom but Thyself, O Lord,
Have I above?
What have I left on earth?
Only Thy love!
Come then, O Savior, come;
Come then, O Spirit, come,
Heavenly Dove.

Happily, happily,
Pass I along;
Eager to work for Thee,
Earnest and strong.
Life is for service true,
Life is for battle, too,
Life is for song.

Hopefully, hopefully,
Onward I go;
Cheerfully, cheerfully,
Meet I the foe.
Crowns are awaiting us,
Glory prepared for us,
Joys overflow.