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Hymns To God™

There Is A Habitation

Lyrics: Jameson, Love Humphreys
Music: Rosecrans, James Holmes
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

There Is A Habitation

by Love Humphreys Jameson

There is a habitation,
Built by the living God,
For all of every nation,
Who seek that grand abode.

A city with foundations
Firm as th'eternal throne;
Nor wars, nor desolation
Shall ever move a stone.

No night is there, no sorrow,
No death and no decay;
No yesterday, no morrow-
But one eternal day.

Within its pearly portals
Angelic armies sing,
With glorified immortals,
The praises of its King.


O Zion, Zion,
I long thy gates to see;
O Zion, Zion,
When shall I dwell in thee?