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Hymns To God™

The Wonderful Blood

Lyrics: Lorenz, Edmund S.
Music: Lorenz, Edmund S.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

The Wonderful Blood

by Edmund S. Lorenz

I stood in amaze and wonder,
That God should forgive my sin!
That evil of heart and evil of life,
Salvation I still may win!

I stood in perverse rebellion,
Denying my Lord's control;
The Saviour's sweet call, the Spirit's low plea,
Brought hope to my sin-sick soul.

The blood of my Lord has cleansed me,
Day breaks on my soul's dark night;
Once foul, now I'm clean, once dead, now I live,
Once blind, I have found my sight.

O tell of its pow'r transforming,
Wherever men yearn for peace;
The erring it guides, brings strength to the weak,
For sin gives complete release.


'Tis the wonderful blood, the blood of my Lord
That purges my sin and cleanses my soul!
'Tis the wonderful blood, marvelous flood,
That saves me and makes me whole.