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Hymns To God™

The New Song

Lyrics: Sammis, J. H.
Music: Towner, Daniel B.
Music Score: PDF
Projection Score:
Sound File: Midi
MUP File: Hymn Page
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

The New Song

by John H. Sammis

Who is like unto Jehovah?
Who is like unto our God,
Strong and Mighty to deliver,
With His wonderworking rod?
Only trust Him and go forward,
Boldly marching thro' the sea,
He'll restrain the stormy billows,
He will triumph gloriously.

Tho' a host should rise against us,
Our salvation to oppose,
Tho' the wicked in high places
Be our strong and bitter foes,
He will hold them in derision,
And overwhelm them in the sea,
And He'll gather us in glory,
With a mighty victory.

Then we'll come before His presence
With a glad and happy song;
We will praise the Great Redeemer
Unto whom we now belong.
He is worthy, He is worthy,
Who redeemed us by His blood,
And hath made us to His glory
Kings and priest unto our God.

With ten thousand times ten thousand
Gathered round about the throne,
And the voice of many angels
We will make His glories known,
Praising God the Lord Almighty,
Praising God the Living Lamb,
Praising God the Spirit Holy,
Ever Great and Blessed Name.


And we'll sing the new song,
Glory, glory, hallelujah to His name.
Yes we'll sing the new song,
We will sing the song of Moses and the lamb.