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Hymns To God™

The Gospel Call

Lyrics: Ogden, William A.
Music: Robertson, Frank J.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

The Gospel Call

by William A. Ogden

There's a tender voice that whispers to the soul with care opprest,
Saying "weary, heavy laden come, oh come to me and rest."
'Tis a blessed invitation offered freely unto all;
Will you hear it, oh, my brother, and obey trhe Gospel call?

'Tis a message full of meaning to the sinner you have heard:
Who will love the blessed Savior and believe his holy word,
Everlasting life is given, freely given to all;
Who will hear the invitation and obey the Gospel call?

Will you heed the voice of Jesus, oh, my brother, sister, dear?
Lo, he standeth waiting, pleading, to your soul he's very near.
Come and take the prize he offers, freely offers unto all;
Come and be a child of Jesus and obey the Gospel call.


Come, oh, come the call obey.
Come, oh, come, to Christ today!
Hear his voice so sweetly calling,
Weary, heavy laden come.