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Hymns To God™

Tell Me Of Jesus

Lyrics: Hoffman, Elisha A.
Music: Hoffman, Elisha A.
Music Score: PDF
Projection Score: PDF
Sound File: Midi
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Tell Me Of Jesus

by Elisha A. Hoffman

Tell me of Jesus wonderful Saviour,
Bearer of sin on Calvary's tree;
Suffring for sinners, dying to save them
He became a sacrifice for you and me.

Tell me of Jesus precious Redeemer,
Who can alone from sin make us free,
Buried to nonger, risen and living,
He is able now to save both you and me.

Tell me of Jesus loving and tender,
No other message sweeter can be;
Tell how He died to seal my redemption.
How he suffered on the Cross you you and me.


He died for you, He died for me,
Jesus Christ atoned for all on Calvary,
On Calvary, on Calvary,
Jesus suffered on the Cross for you and me.