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Hymns To God™

Teach Me Thy Will, O Lord

Lyrics: Grimes, Katharine A.
Music: Excell, Edwin O.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Teach Me Thy Will, O Lord

by Katharine A. Grimes

Teach me Thy will, O Lord,
Teach me Thy way;
Teach me to know Thy word,
Teach me to pray.
Whate'er seems best to Thee,
That be my earnest plea,
So that Thou drawest me
Closer each day.

Teach me Thy wondrous grace,
Boundless and free;
Lord, let Thy blessed face
Shine upon me.
Heal thou sin's ev'ry smart,
Dwell Thou within my heart;
Grant that I never part,
Savior, from Thee.

Teach me by pain Thy pow'r,
Teach me by love;
Teach me to know, each hour,
Thou art above.
Teach me as seemeth best
In Thee to find sweet rest;
Leaning upon Thy breast,
All doubt remove.

Teach thou my lips to sing,
My heart to praise;
Be Thou my Lord and King
Thro' all my days.
Teach thou my soul to cry,
"Be thou, dear Savior, nigh,
Teach me to live, to die,
Saved by Thy grace."