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Hymns To God™

Sing My Soul

Lyrics: Lankton, Martha J.
Music: Kirkpatrick, William J.
Music Score: PDF
Projection Score:
Sound File: Midi
MUP File: Hymn Page
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Sing My Soul

by Martha J. Lankton

Sing, my soul! proclaim the holy rapture
Bursting now from ev'ry chod of thine;
Angel choirs, their highest numbers waking,
Never told the bliss of a joy like mine.

Sing, my soul! the rock whereon thou standest
Firm, unmoved, thy enchored hope shall keep;
He, thy Lord, still walking on the billow,
Calms the troubled wave like a child to sleep.

Hark, my soul! from distant realms eternal,
Borne in light on faith's celestial wing,
Love's glad songs to thee are gently wafted,
Songs that by and by thou wilt learn to sing.

Look, my soul! the morrow's dawn is breaking;
Hail, oh hail thy heaven on earth begun!
He, the Lord, such heights of joy revealing,
Holds rthe blessed crown that will soon be won.


Saved and redeem'd, thro simple faith in Jesus!
Now I am his, and he abides in me;
Saved and redeem'd! oh, shout aloud the story;
Hid with him forevermore my life shall be.