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Hymns To God™

Search The Scriptures

Lyrics: Wingate, Mary D.
Music: Daniel B. Towner
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Search The Scriptures

by Mary B. Wingate

Search the scriptures! search them daily,
Feasting on the "Bread of Life."
Gaining strength in hours of weakness,
Finding rest in toil and strife.
Naught of earthly wit and wisdom
For one moment can compare
With the "Word of Life" eternal,
With its precepts rich and rare.

Search the scriptures! search them ever,
Safest guide of age or youth,
Learning as the years roll o'er thee
Lessons rare of love and truth.
Search the scriptures! fount of wisdom,
Able still to make thee wise
Unto full and free salvation,
More and more its fullness prize.

Search the scriptures! wondrous treasures
In the storehouse thou shalt find,
Strength and healing for the body,
"Hidden Manna" for the mind.
Search the scriptures! douts will vanish,
And thy soul shall truly know
thou art saved and saved for ever!
Perfect cleansing, White as snow.

Search the scriptures! learn of Jesus,
Claim the riches of His grace,
Till the light of light eternal
Shines and glows on every face.
Through the "Valley of the shadow"
Let it light thy lonely way,
Till the early glow of morning
Brightens to the perfect day.


Search the scriptures! Search the Scriptures!
For 'tis they which testify of me;
Search the scriptures! Search the scriptures!
For in them ye find the way of Life.