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Hymns To God™

Saviour, We Come To Thee

Lyrics: Evilsizer, L. M.
Music: Perry, S. J.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Saviour, We Come To Thee

by L. M. Evilsizer

Saviour, we come to thee
In our humility,
Lambs of thy fold are we
Seeking thy love;
Grant us thy blessing now,
While at thy feet we bow,
O tender Shepherd, thou,
Guide us above.

Saviour, we pray to thee,
Heed thou our earnest plea,
Help us to ever be
Gentle and pure;
As in the days of old,
Keep us witin thy fold;
While we thy face behold,
Rest we secure.

Saviour, we trust in thee,
In our simplicity,
Knowing thine eye doth see
Where'r we roam;
And oh, 'tis sweet to know
That wheresoe'er we go
Thou dost the pathway show,
Leading us home.


Saviour, O Saviour dear,
To thee our hearts draw near;
Hear thou our pray'r sincere,
And meet with us here.