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Hymns To God™

The Riven Rock

Lyrics: James, Mary D.
Music: Hull, Asa
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

The Riven Rock

by Mary D. James

Behold the Rock, the smitten Rock!
Within its rifted side
I've found a blessed refuge, where
I may securely hide.

Tho' thund'ring Sinai's terrors sound
Appalling to the ear,
Concealed within the cleft, I'm safe:
No danger will I fear.

Jesus dear refuge of my soul!
My hop, my joy, my rest;
Confiding in Thy changeless love,
I am supremely blest.

My peace, unbroken by life's storms,
While I in Christ abide,
My spirit rests in sweetest calm,
As in the Cleft I hide.


O, the Rock, the Rock, the riven Rock!
My Saviour crucified;
No other shelter is secure
But Jesus' wounded side.