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Hymns To God™

Pray For One Another

Lyrics: Ulmer, Kate
Music: McPhail, M. L.
Music Score: PDF
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Sound File: Midi
MUP File: Hymn Page
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Pray For One Another

by Kate Ulmer

Let us pray for one another,
Helping thus the weakest stand;
For the conflict with the tempter
Strengthening both heart and hand.

Let us in the hour of trial,
When a brother's faith seems weak;
That he yet may prove victorious,
On our knees his name oft speak.

Let us pray in faith believing,
Ever trusting undismayed;
Knowing He will send the answer,
Tho' in wisdom long delayed.

Let us cheer our homeward journey,
By sweet fellowship in prayer,
Thus the law of Christ fulfilling,
Thus each other's burdens bear.


Let us pray for one another,
God will our petitions hear;
He delights to have His children
To the throne of grace draw near.