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Hymns To God™

O Word Of Words

Lyrics: Sammis, J. H.
Music: Towner, Daniel B.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

O Word Of Words

by J. H. Sammis

More precious than the ruby,
Or silv'ry merchandise,
Yea, more than all the splendors
That stud the starry skies,
This dear, this holy bible;
This treasury of God;
Filled full with grace and wisdom,
With hope and promise broad.

For when the heart is saddest,
By sin and sorrow pressed,
Thy words alone can comfort
And soothe the troubled breast,
And when the night is darkest
And gloom obscures the way,
Thy light alone can guide us
With bright and cheering ray.

Oh! Book of books the dearest,
Oh! true and Living Word,
Of tidings glad the gladdest
That mortal ever heard,
How sweeter than the honey
That droppeth from the comb,
Thy words of loving favor
That woo the wander'r home.


Oh! Word of words supernal,
Oh! message from above,
Oh! Word of Life eternal,
Of Grace and Truth and Love.